Youth Select

Due to the success of our Slammers Summer Select and Slammers Fall Select. Programs we started the youth program to offer the same high-level youth players.

The Slammers Select Youth Program is a Spring & Summer Program, which starts training in January, with games beginning in March and ending in July. The workouts are conducted at our Broomfield and Englewood locations.

The goal of this program is to provide each individual, and each team, specific training based on age and individual player’s and team’s ability. We will give every player consistent teaching day after day and year after year. Consistency is what matters the most when developing young athletes. This is what we have accomplished in the High School divisions with 95% of our players going on to play in College or Professional Baseball. Our goal and philosophy is to create an enviroment where every player has the opportunity to play at the next level.

Our youth teams will primarily play all tournaments with a few teams also playing league. Most of our select tournament teams compete in the Majors and AAA divisions. Parents can plan on playing in 11-12 tournaments per year with 1 to 3 of these tournaments being out of state events. Please take the time to review what we offer below.


For information or questions regarding the Slammers Youth Select Program or to set up a uniform or equipment sizing appointment for Slammers Youth Select please contact Bryant Asnicar by email or 720-887-4519


Major League Instruction

Slammers Coaches and instructors have over 70 years of High School, College and Prefessional playing and coaching experience. We have staff that played Major League and AAA level of professional baseball.

Colorado’s Premier Indoor Training Facilities: Slammers Select Youth players get complete access to the state’s most comprehensive indoor training facilities for pregame batting practice, bullpen sessions and weight training.

30 – 32 Indoor Workouts

Indoor workouts at the Englewood and Broomfield locations start in January and end in May. There are two workouts per week January through April, One workout per week in May. The players will train with Slammers instructors Billy Martin, Bryant Asnicar, Kevin Russo, Robby Bales, Byron Embry, Austin Wright, Marco Gonzales, Earl Loseke, John Haines, Colten Little, Mike Little, Marcus Loeske, Dave Bote, Daniel Bote, and other Slammers Instructors as well as each teams coaches and assistant coaches. These workouts will be at Slammers North (Broomfield) and Slammers South (Engelwood).

8-12 year olds workout time:  5:00 p.m. to 7:15 p.m.
12-14 year olds workout time:  7:15 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.
January – 8 Workouts
February – 8 Workouts
March – 8 Workouts
April –  4 Workouts
May – 4 Workouts


30-32 Speed & Agility Workouts

Included with the indoor workouts, each player will train with Elite Speed & Strength Training.


Tournament games will begin March, depending on weather, with the season lasting until the middle of July. Each team will play in 11-12 tournaments depending on team budget with each team playing in 1-3 out of state events. Generally the younger teams do not travel as much as the older teams. Some of our 12 year old teams will have the opportunity to go to Cooperstown.


National Exposure: Slammers competes in National tournaments across the country that give our players an opportunity to show their skills outside the Colorado region.

Youth Select Uniforms:

This is in addition to the player fee: The estimated uniform cost for the 2018 season is $400.00 to $520.00. This is collected at the uniform sizing night in October or November. No uniforms or equipment will be ordered unless we have payment. If you have not played in the Slammers program and do not have a blue and black bat bag or a black Demarini helmet, you will need to purchase these items at the uniform night.

Mandatory Uniform Items to Purchase:
2 Jerseys           
2 Game Pants            
2 Baseball Size          
1 Practice Shirt         
1 Practice Short 
1 Batting Helmet 
1 Backpack or Rollerbag

Additional gear and apparel can be purchased at uniform night. The parents can choose what and how much extra equipment that they want purchase in addition to the mandatory items.


Slammers will offer a variety of different fundraising options for teams. Please contact Marilyn Betsch for further information about the fundraising opportunities we have available at (720) 347-8162 or by email. 


NON PAID COACH TEAM PLAYER FEE — Non-paid Coach Team: If your son is selected to a team that has a non-paid coach your fee is $2,600.00 which includes the tournament fee of $700.00. The team fee can broken down into monthly payments of $217.00 which begins in August.

PAID COACH TEAM PLAYER FEE — Paid Coach Team: If your son is chosen to be on a paid coach team the cost is $3,000.00 which includes the tournament fee of $700.00. The team fee can broken down into monthly payments of $250.00 which begins in August.

UNIFORM COST: This is in addition to the player fee. The uniform cost is estimated for the 2017 season to be $400.00 to $520.00. This is collected at the uniform sizing night in October or November. No uniforms will be ordered unless we have payment.

TOURNAMENT FEE PER PLAYER:  As explained above ,the tournament cost is $700.00 and is part of the annual player fee.

TRYOUTS-Tryout Time For the 2018 Spring & Summer Season: Session 1 September 18th and Session 2 September 22nd. YOU ONLY NEED TO ATTEND ONE OF THE SESSIONS.

Any questions please call Bryant Asnicar

720-435-8254 or email

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